Guidelines for Sizing a Hot Water Heating System

All businesses use hot water, even if it’s just to heat the tap water in the bathroom. However, some businesses such as dormitories, hospitals, and processing plants require more hot water than others. Sizing a water heating system requires the careful consideration of many factors…

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Is It Time to Replace My Water Heater?

Being the facility manager at a large commercial building, university, or hospital is no easy task. The list of things to do never goes away and only ever gets longer. The giant aging water heater in the basement may plug along for years without needing…

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500 Gallon Storage Tanks for US Navy

When it comes to building large commercial hot water tanks, no two projects are ever quite the same, which is why so many companies and organizations come to RECO USA for custom designed hot water tanks. The large 500-gallon tanks we built in this project…

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