Steam Generators

SG series Clean Steam Generators

Our SG series of steam generators use available plant steam or boiler water as the energy source to produce large volumes of “clean” steam. This is typically for humidification and sterilization needs where the cleanliness of the steam is critical for health, safety, and/or process control reasons.

The SG series comes as a complete packaged system capable of generating up to 30,000 lbs./hr. of saturated steam.

Standard boiler steam contains chemicals and other impurities that lead many applications to require clean steam for their process needs. The SG series design does this by keeping the deionized water to be vaporized separate from the boiler water used to do the heating. This prevents direct contact between the two, and the possibility of contamination of the “clean” steam.

These units are commonly used in hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, research laboratories, food & beverage processors, and temperature and/or humidity-controlled storage facilities. They come completely packaged with all components pre-mounted and pre-piped, which makes installation simple – typically all that is required is connection of the site utilities.

Key Features and Benefits

The SG series is ASME designed, built, tested, and “U” stamped to assure safe operation up to 150 PSIG for 135 PSIG. All unit exteriors are supplied with jacketed insulation and come completely assembled and ready for installation and start up. Our Control Master II® panel with a digital PAC controller with easy-to-navigate LCD panel for local monitoring and set point adjustment is standard on all units. It accepts remote set point changes and can re-transmit system information by analog signals or digital signals via standard Modbus® or BACnet® network communications protocols.

Materials of Construction

The SG series series is offered with carbon steel, ASTM type 304, or type 316L stainless steel tanks. Stainless steel is typically used with deionized water for producing steam for food processing and medical services. If used with any other application, the incoming feedwater should be carefully checked for compatibility – particularly the presences of chlorides. Standard materials for the heating element tubes will be copper, 90-10 Cu-Ni, or stainless heating (for deionized water). The external piping is carbon steel, socket welded as appropriate to minimize the potential for leakage.

SG series Performance Ratings

  • Steam generation ratesUp to 30,000 lbs. per hour
  • Steam supply pressuresUp to 150 PSIG
  • Inlet supply temperatureUp to 800°F
  • OrientationHorizontal or vertical
  • Design ratingASME Boiler & PV Code “U” stamped