Standard Products

RECO offers a complete range of commercial and industrial heating and steam generating products. These include both standard designs and custom-built systems that cover the full spectrum of applications and services.

Domestic Water Heaters

RECO offers domestic water heaters with and without supplemental storage (i.e., instantaneous and semi-instantaneous) designed that use recycled steam or boiler water as the heating medium​.

Commercial Water Tanks

RECO builds tanks to American Petroleum Institute (API) standards, as well as many other tank standards. They are designed to safely hold everything from cold water to combustible fluids.

Steam Generators

Our Steam Generators use steam or boiler water to produce “clean” steam for humidification or sterilization where the steam’s cleanliness is critical for health, safety, and/or process control.

Heat Exchangers

RECO builds shell-and-tube type heat exchangers, and replacement tube bundles, in a wide variety of materials. They are all economically priced and available with industry-leading delivery times.

If you don’t see the specific product you are looking for, we can usually build a customized solution to meet your needs.  Contact us online to learn more.