Being the facility manager at a large commercial building, university, or hospital is no easy task. The list of things to do never goes away and only ever gets longer. The giant aging water heater in the basement may plug along for years without needing much attention. Until the day there’s a problem with the hot water and fixing that system goes to the top of the list of priorities.

Commercial Water Heaters Can Last a Long Time

It’s not unheard of for old hot water tanks to last 60 or even 70 years before having to be replaced. Facility managers often come into a job and leave without ever having to replace the water heater. If the hot water heating system is working and not leaking, there’s probably no reason to replace it.

Though commercial water tanks tend to last a very long time, they will not last forever, and there are lots of aging hot water tanks in older buildings all over the United States right now. Eventually, there will come a time in the life of each of these systems when a facility manager will have to decide to either try and fix the system or replace it.

Here Are a Few Signs It Might Be Time to Replace a Commercial Hot Water System:

#1 Water Isn’t Heating

Commercial Hot Water EquipmentIf you start getting complaints about the water in your building not being hot enough, that’s a pretty clear sign something isn’t working. The issue could range from a simple repair to having to replace the entire system.

#2 Leaks

Keep an eye out for visible drips of water on or around water tanks. Even small, seemingly inconsequential leaks can add up over time, cause water damage to a building, and be a sign that it might be time to replace or fix equipment.

#3 Visible Rust and Aging

Looks can be deceiving. Just because a water heater looks rusty or dilapidated doesn’t necessarily mean it needs replacement, though this may be the first sign that your system is getting up there in years. If your hot water system is still completely functional, don’t worry about rust until a professional water heater technician tells you otherwise.

Should I Replace an Old Hot Water Tank Or Fix It?

A typical commercial water heater that is cared for and maintained correctly should last 20+ years. Though the electronics on most of the newer hot water systems won’t necessarily last that long, the rest of this equipment is built to produce lots of hot water without a lot of problems for many years.

If the system is less than 20 years old, it will likely only need a repair. Any older and you might be better off replacing the entire system, but that depends entirely on the type of repair. It’s best to get a professional opinion (or two) before making a decision.

What to Do When It’s Time to Replace a Commercial Hot Water Heating System

When it’s time to replace a hot water heating system, it usually needs to be dealt with immediately. If your facility or business requires hot water, you can’t afford to go weeks without it. That’s why we’ve completely restructured our logistics and delivery department; to meet this need.

We strive to stay abreast of the latest innovations and advances. We have a few standard water heater sizes and can build a custom water heating system based on a system that is being replaced. Contact us to learn more about our water heater solutions.

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