Large Commercial Hot Water Tanks Made of Copper NickelWhen it comes to building large commercial hot water tanks, no two projects are ever quite the same, which is why so many companies and organizations come to RECO USA for custom designed hot water tanks.

Custom Building 500 Gallon Hot Water Storage Tanks

The large 500-gallon tanks we built in this project were made of a particularly special material, solid 90/10 Copper-Nickel and built to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) design code specifications.

Copper Nickel Tanks

These 500-gallon Copper Nickel Tanks are built to last a lifetime and are specifically designed to handle high-pressure. These tanks were custom built to specifications provided by the United States Navy.

Where Will the Navy Use These Custom Hot Water Tanks?

These tanks will be used for storing hot water on board naval ships for cooking, showering, and cleaning, basically your run-of-the-mill water needs aboard a large ship.

How Do These Custom Tanks Differ from Similarly Sized Tanks?

Navy Ships at SeaOther tanks use carbon steel with internal coatings but those don’t typically last as long as the solid copper-nickel material used in these tanks, especially when the tanks are being used in a corrosive environment, such as aboard a ship that is continuously being exposed to salt air.

What Other Industries Use Tanks Like These?

We install tanks like these for a variety of different businesses and industries. Hospitals, pharmaceutical labs, and other shipbuilders are just a few of those that frequently purchase this style of hot water storage tank. These are specialty tanks, so they’re most often used in scenarios in which top-of-the-line quality is necessary.

How Much Do Storage Tanks Like These Cost?

The cost of these Copper Nickel Tanks is quite a bit higher than other tanks of this size. While you do pay a premium upfront for this level of quality, the long-lasting reliability that comes with that quality is typically well-worth the investment.

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