Columns & Reactors

Columns and Reactors

We manufacture columns and reactors for the pulp & paper, power generation, chemical, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas sectors. We build these to strict internal safety and quality standards and use an independent, third party inspector to ensure our equipment meets or exceeds the quality specifications they were built to.


Columns are vertical pressure vessels with multiple internal trays or packing that separate liquids and vapors to help generate chemical reactions. Our columns can be lined or unlined, and jacketed or not, and can extend to well over 100 feet long. They can be supplied in stainless steel or higher alloys as process conditions dictate.​


Reactors are similar to columns, and can include a catalyst or agitator to facilitate a chemical reaction or fluid phase change. Depending on the particular process, they are usually vertical, but can be spherical when higher pressures and temperatures are involved.

Our columns and reactors can be provided in various configurations, including:

  • Half-pipe, dimpled, or conventional heating jackets
  • Internal heating coils and baffles
  • Agitators, packing, and/or trays